Wednesday, 18 June 2008

 Plaid's selection process for the European elections is far more democratic than anything that the other parties do. Get yourself along to the hustings meetings and cast your vote. There are seven meetings around the country - see below.

 Some Plaid members mistakenly believe the party uses a system to put a woman candidate on top of the list of Euro candidates. This is completely false and has never been the case. The choice will be made according to the number of votes using a single transferable vote system.
 Blackwood/Coed Duon - Miners' Institute - 20/6/08 

 Aberystwyth - Marine Hotel - 27/6/08 

 Bangor - Powis Hall, Bangor University - 1/7/08

 Rhosllannerchrugog - Y Stiwt - 2/7/08

 Carmarthen/Caerfyrddin - St Peter's Hall - 15/7/08

 Swansea/Abertawe - County Hall - 15/7/08

 Cardiff/Caerdydd - Temple of Peace - 19/7/08

All meetings 7-9.30pm except for Cardiff 10am-2pm


Nashi said...

It's good to see that there are a number of young candidates, in the best Plaid Cymru tradition, and I hope everyone will work together to maximise the Plaid vote.

The 2004 result didn't match up to 1999, but so many people admire Jill Evans for the work she has done that I think we can get a lot of new votes. There's plenty more for her to do on the mainland!

ardibeltza said...

Is this the election when we overtake Labour for the first time? In 1999 we came within a whisker - at the height of Labour's popularity under Blair. Now that vote is in freefall and the Tories aren't picking up votes in Wales as they are in England.

Idris said...

With Plaid's election campaigning techniques so much improved, the party should certainly improve on the 2004 result, especially if the European campaign is properly funded.

With only four MEPs for Wales, winning more than one seat is a very big ask. First of all, let's make sure we have Jill Evans at number one on the list. That's the starting point.